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Jamila B, July 11, 2017, 5 stars

Daniel is a fantastic trainer. He really knows his stuff and has an amazing connection with animals. We have really enjoyed learning from him and just in 4 sessions we have seen a big improvement in our rescue pup and in the way we handle him. Our 8 yr old son is even feeling more confident with walking the dog since we now have relief from pulling thanks to Daniel's techniques. We appreciate all his guidance and highly recommend him!

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Danielle J, August 3, 2017

Daniel was everything we hoped for and more! He helped us train our rambunctious boxer, Bruce. He taught us valuable tools that were easy to integrate into our daily routine with Bruce. I highly recommend him!

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Kathleen L, February 27, 2017

Dan has been working with me and my dog, Chaco, for two sessions now. Chaco used to be like a wild animal when I took him out for walks, but now he is calm and controlled. It is obvious that Dan has a deep understanding of dogs and dog behavior. Chaco loves training with him and is sad when he leaves. Dan follows up each session with additional information and encouragement via email. A great experience so far!

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Sara B, July 27, 2017

I have two rescue dogs and they are very young. Dan has helped me provide rapid leadership to them and I no longer have to be embarrassed when we go walking through the neighborhood. My dogs would lunge at other animals and people (and one dog looks particularly scary). Right away, my dogs both took very kindly to Dan and he has a peaceful, calming way about him....We are now a happy family and into a strict routine - and the results were quick! Through Dan's instruction and a consistent routine, the dogs respond well to me, I have learned to read them, and they are so well behaved - it's like night and day!

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Mark V, May 25, 2017, 5 stars

Dan was fast to respond to my inquiry for a dog trainer. He gave me a free evaluation and consultation over the phone. My dog Harley was out of control, barking, jumping and crazy around other dogs. In 3 sessions Harley is a totally different dog. He made training fun and was very flexible for appointments !! Thanks Dan

Patricia P, April 23, 2018, 5 stars

Daniel was very professional and knowledgeable about our situation. Our dogs were at a dog park around other dogs without barking and lunging within an 1/2 hour! He teaches valuable techniques and we look forward to our next session. Thank you Daniel!!


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