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Training Services

A) Build communication and get your dog focused on you

B) Socialization, the stress-free walk in Parks & public facilities

C) Master the Place, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Stop, Go Back, Leave it, Drop it, and Heel commands

D) Set Boundaries and Limitations

E) Free potty training and Crate training guide with any Puppy Training program

F) Custom Personal in Home programs and Group Classes 

H) Get your dog adapted to being handled, noises, health inspections, and stress.

I) House Manners, Personal in Home Training

J) Good Canine Citizen, Service Dog, & Emotional Support

K) All Types of Puppy Training

L) All behavior problems solved, OCD, Fears, Aggression

M) Teach Special Tricks 

N) All Breeds, any size, No clicker Training

O) Leash & off Leash Training

P) Training is tested in busy, loud, and populated environments for compliance anywhere.

Q) My clients typically only need 3 to 4 sessions to complete Obedience Training.

R) I sale Advanced Trained Dogs/Puppies. $4000 to $11,000 depending on Training level desired.

S) We Proof all the dog behaviors so your dog will do them anytime or anywhere

Benefits of Personal Training

When you get personalized training from me you will have the tools and mindset to train your dog and (FUTURE DOGS) you may own. Training your dog will help you get the best bond possible. Training stimulates your dog's brain so they are less likely to chew, jump, or bark excessively. I will teach you the correct body language to use at the appropriate times. You will learn hand signals and verbal markers to communicate to your dog. I will demonstrate how it is done then you will try to copy me. It is so much easier to learn when a professional explains every detail all the way through.

Training Videos

Rocky in Service Training

Rocky is a Pit Bull who was aggressive with other dogs. After 5 sessions he was cured of his aggression. We started Service dog Training.

Heel Training

Daisy in puppy Training

Teri and Matty

Mattie is doing "Perimeter Boundary" Training. Teri gave a 5-star review.

Kids Training

I make sure the kids get involved and understand the responsibility of having a dog.

Advanced Training

Ziggy is being trained to be a Service dog or an AKC Tournament participant.

Trick Training

Here are a few simple tricks you can teach your dog with basic markers and rewards. Keep engaged for a happier and healthier dog.

Do you want a puppy and not have to potty train them or your not sure how to properly train and socialize them? You came to the right place!

Two options.

#1) Bring your puppy or young adult dog here for exclusive training as I describe below.

#2) I will find a dog from a breeder or rescue. I will then train them starting at 8 weeks of age. The type of dog will depend on what you and I have agreed on. After our consultation I will know what type of dog to get for you.

The training will include:

Potty Trained, crate trained, SOCIALIZED ( He will be great around all people and Dogs anywhere anytime )

Basic & Advanced Obedience - ( Heel & 100% recall for example ), house manners, travel well with a calm mindset, easily accepts vet visits, baths, nail trims and ear cleaning, your dog will play fetch and or frisbee, know 10 to 15 tricks, to name a few attributes. Your advanced trained dog will be amazing on or off leash. Any other commands or requests, such as service dog tasks, will be added to the training at an additional cost. This training will be done at my home. To raise, train, and socialize in a home setting with another dog and children is perfect to get that amazing dog you always wanted.

Special notes:

#1) I use calming techniques on the puppy. I meditate daily. Have them listen to different types of music, jazz, soft jazz, blues, soft rock, and classical. My dog uses this time to relax and have a calm mindset, and so will this puppy.

#2) Socialization: I will take this dog everywhere possible to get used to sounds, people, objects, other dogs and puppies. Every encounter will be a positive one!!!

#3) This dog has the potential to be an amazing SERVICE DOG or emotional support dog, just let us know at the beginning of training if you wish this type of dog. This training will take about 2 1/2 to 4 months, possibly longer for Service dogs.

#4) The dog sale will include 2 one and a half hour sessions at your home to acclimate the dog to you and your family. We will go over all the commands the dog has learned and make sure you can effectively execute the hand signals and techniques needed to continue what your dog has learned.

#5) Pricing ranges between $5000 to $11000. For Service dogs or assistance dogs, the price can go as high as $45k. Payment plans will be worked out. Your dog will be up to date on all of his or her vaccines and be micro-chipped. On some dogs there may be a Health guarantee. Special time and effort will be given to people with disabilities.

#6) When we have our consultation I will ask a series of questions to determine what type of dog and training you should get.

#7) Once we agree on everything verbally we will then sign an agreement to go forward.

Service Pricing

Fewer Sessions Better Results

Basic Obedience

Starts at $94

Per Session

Place, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, Leash Training, and Heel commands

1 Hour  Sessions

I have a special 1 & a half or 2 hour session program available for some situations.


Adva​nced Obedience, Emotional Support

Starts at​ $115

Per  Session

1 Hour Sessions

Advanced obedience will get your dog to obey you off leash, do a perfect Heel, Stop and Recall on command Your dog will do a prolonged Stay outdoors with distractions. These behaviors among others are perfected.


Ag​gression, Fear Rehabilitation, Service Dog

1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions


I give a free phone consultation and evaluation. If you are interested in using your dog for emotional support or a service dog and your dog has issues I will evaluate your dog in person for a nominal fee.​


Results may vary