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If I hire a trainer will I see results?

The answer to this question requires some thought and insight into how dog training works, your dog’s temperament, you trainer's abilities, your ability to follow through with your trainer’s recommendations, and your expectations of results. Your trainer will also be a factor as dog training knowledge varies from trainer to trainer. The answer you should be asking is: if I hire a dog trainer, to what extent will I see results? Different types of training have different levels of results.

How to find an Amazing Trainer?

Your Trainer should have at least 7 years of experience training dogs. The best Trainers have Trained thousands and thousands of dogs . The more problems the trainer overcomes with different dogs the more techniques they can use in the future.

Your trainer needs to be involved in the community and with other trainers. Many do this through helping rescue groups, engaging in dog shows, membership in associations, or having ongoing group classes.

Some other attributes to look for are listed here on Cesar Millan's website.

Other things to look for:

Your trainer should have video and written testimonies. Trainers need to have good people skills

Is the trainer pleasant and sound knowledgeable? What is there prior background?


Results may vary