Man's​​ Best Friend

Man's Best Friend​

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At OCK-9Services we know that different breeds and temperaments require various styles of training. I gently handle the smallest of breeds, and firmly handle the large, dominant and aggressive breeds as well.​ 

OC K-9 Services

Professional Certified Dog Trainer

Over 35 years Professionally Training dogs


 Behavior Specialist

Daniel Ross

Certified Dog Trainer

I have over 20,000 hours of hands on K-9 Training and Education, CPR & 1st Aid Trained. I know what a dog is thinking by applying a few gestures, and see how they respond. Even though I believe dogs should be trained I still believe they should be allowed their free spirit.  I enjoy inspiring them to do so. It just needs to be channeled. As a Navy Veteran I am extremely disciplined.


My passion is to train and care for dogs. I have over 35 years of experience raising and training many different breeds of dogs. Why get an employee  with less experience or a dog trainer  who is not going to be as motivated as the  Owner? I will give you the speedy professional results you deserve.

John Staymoose


One of my specialties is rehabilitating aggressive dogs. I have countless #'s of testimonies raving about my training techniques that rehabilitated their dogs. See the video of Chris explaining how his Pit Bull was cured of his aggression. Another one is Terri and her Terrier, Mattie, who use to bite people.

Training dogs and changing lives!

 Top 4% of all Trainers

  • I am Daniel Ross a Professional Certified Dog Trainer. I use positive reinforcement , a combination of Classical and Operant Conditioning, Markers, Luring, Shaping, and other popular methods. I teach calm and assertive leadership. 
  • I am a behavior specialist. I rehabilitate dogs for all behavior disorders and standard K9 issues. I take on the jobs most trainers turn down. 
  • I make training fun, easy, and show you how to make it part of your daily routine. 

  • I give written details of training techniques and follow up emails.
  • I work with your dog's innate drives, such as retrieving, digging and sniffing for prey, and herding. This helps me communicate to them and implement training strategies accordingly.
  • I use the (Training Methods) necessary for each unique dog. I do not believe that one size fits all. 

(949) 35​1-2572

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